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BioSing  BOUTIQUE ORGANIC PRODUCTS are highest-quality, unique products with a BIO international certificate intended for a target core group of consumers who have a clear idea of high quality.

Our USERS and CONSUMERS are mostly people aware of the importance of natural, wholesome nutrition, for whom BioSing products are much more than meals and gourmet delights. All BioSing products are also invaluable for health and nature and are therefore also intended for you. Balanced quality nutrition has a major impact on the health and well-being of each and every one of us.

FRESH, NON-FROZEN RAW MEAT WITH A BIO INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE AND OF KNOWN ORIGIN comes from older animals that have been proven (by studies) to be more suitable for highest-quality dried meat products. The meat is top quality and carefully selected.
The BIO label is a guarantee of organic farming and controlled ecological processing of raw materials. The feeding stuffs contain no synthetic additives. Preventive treatment of animals with chemotherapeutic agents, antibiotics, coccidiostats, etc. is not permitted. The breeding of animals is demanding, and we use select breeds – preferably indigenous ones; only the use of organic animal feed is allowed, and the animals must pasture graze for at least 180 days per year; appropriate stocking density, proper lighting in the pens and much more must be assured.

BIO PROCESSING WITH NO ENHANCERS AND ADDITIVES means not only abandoning all chemical additives (NO nitrates, nitrites, ascorbates, artificial flavours, maturation boosters, starter cultures, flavour enhancers, GDL, ascorbic acid, complex carbohydrates, added enzymes, isolated fungal cultures, etc.), but it represents a comprehensive understanding of the living environment and respect for nature. We strive, therefore, for the processing of foods of highest quality while carefully managing the land, animals, raw materials and energy. Only salt, spices, wine, cognac, a hint of smoke and time are added to carefully selected quality Slovenian meat and bacon, which are not ground but cut into pieces.
The secret to the unique culinary value of BioSing creations lies in their noble, fully mature, harmonious flavour, brilliant cross-sectional cut, excellent texture, slices of meat that melt in the mouth and the intense, evenly ruby red colour of the meat and cream colour of the bacon.  All of the aforementioned exceptional sensory attributes are formed through the unique key technological processes presented below.
The production and processing of BioSing products is extremely demanding as it requires a great deal of knowledge, perseverance and will.

PRE-MATURATION, SMOKING AND DRYING/MATURATION are the segments of the processing procedure that are strongly intertwined. These specific, special, different, unique, traditional, lengthy procedures do not take place in chambers with an artificial climate but in special underground chambers surrounded by a primary or natural soil climate; the soil climate is kept constant (no noise, no fluctuations in temperature or relative humidity or air circulation) and is an excellent basis and precondition for further generating requisite air parameters for our processes, which we produce without resorting to complex climatic methods and with minimum energy input. In addition to the positive environmental dimension of these technologies, the processes in this air environment add a unique, distinguishing and recognisable feature to the exceptional, noble, fully mature and harmonious flavour of BioSing products.
The smoking process also involves a specific method of cooling of natural smoke as it flows through tubes enwrapped in soil.
The advantage of this method is that the smoke that is cooled down preserves all its important volatile aromatic components (especially esters), which add a special note to our unique bouquet.
These processes are very lengthy and involve high technological requirements that need to be closely monitored. Due to the duration of this phase, which also takes place under different conditions (temperature, relative humidity, air circulation) than those people normally use, the wastage (loss of weight of BioSing products during maturation/drying ) is much higher, but this gives BioSingIOS products an exquisite, noble, fully ripe and harmonious aroma, a brilliant cross-sectional cut, great texture, slices that melt in the mouth and an intense, evenly ruby colour of the meat and cream colour of the bacon that make BioSing products attractive and completely different from others. Our products thus acquire added value.

It is quite difficult to ensure stable and continuously high product quality, because the tolerance for deviation is small. BioSing products do not contain any artificial preservatives, so the process of maintaining the quality of the product is extremely difficult. In our products, the preservative effect is the result of biochemical, microbiological and physical changes through specific, long-term, traditional processes in which a primary microflora is formed that uses the very raw materials in the maturing/spontaneous fermentation stage to generate metabolites – mineral substances, vitamins (B vitamins, folic acid) and fatty acids (oleic acid) – that are important for the stability of the product but are even more important for us as an excellent nutrient (probiotic) that is said to have a positive and healing effect.
The protein composition of BioSing dried meat products is even better than that of fresh meat, because in the latter too many functional ingredients are lost during thermal processing (cooking, baking).  Because the proteins are broken down, our products are easy to digest and have a high nutritional and biological value.
The stability of BioSing products is also enhanced by the aforementioned special pre-processing using natural smoke and by selected natural spices, which play a role of natural antioxidants.

In the first stage of maturation/drying, the technological process of spontaneous fermentation focuses on preserving and creating a primary and fermentation flavour note, which is reflected in a simple, genuine, pure, gentle and open meat flavour.
During the second phase of the process of maturation/drying, the primary flavour note is upgraded with a maturing aroma and notes of full maturity, generated in the process of further maturing.
All of this results in a more complex, fully mature, harmonious aroma that gives BioSing products an exquisite, noble and premium quality.
As part of the two aforementioned key processes, an important supplementary role is played by beneficial fungi whose hyphae penetrate to the stuffing during maturation and release proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes that are essential for the development of a fully mature flavour during the aforementioned processes.
Dry long-lasting salami is technologically the most demanding cured meat product. BioS salami is a combination of two types of salami: continental (smoke) and Mediterranean (fungi), which is especially rare. It is particularly difficult to integrate both technologies, which is reflected in an even richer flavour of BioSing products.
We are specialists in processing organic cured meat products at the highest level.

Through our products, we want to communicate knowledge to you and share with you an invaluable and exquisite culture of taste in harmony with the finest wines.















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