bisoing-13We begin the degustation with a specialty BioSing zaseka, which gently awakens and stimulates our taste buds, thus preparing us for further degustation, which is essential; we recommend that degustation take place in combination with fine wines.

We continue our adventure with a sausage, which conjures up the authentic, natural, gentle and open flavour of ripened meat.

A duo of salamis now awaits us, the first a combination of pork and beef, the second a combination of pork and venison. Both salamis emphasise the upgrade of primary, fermentation aromas with notes of full maturity, which are formed during the maturing process. This recognizable note of BioSing creations is among other things, also created by underground cellar-ripening depot, which breathes and captures the microclimate created by the salamis. An important role in this story is also played by five key bio-chemical processes: proteolysis, lipolysis, auto-oxidation, hyphae mould penetration, filling and the ripening of noble moulds.

Products of these processes include (free nitrogen, amino acids, fatty acids, glycerol, minerals, etc.), which are the key carriers of positive flavours, but have a positive effect only in smaller concentrations, thus it is very difficult to capture or achieve them. Once we achieve that, we are rewarded with an even more complex, fully mature, harmonious aroma which gives BioSing creations an exceptionally noble and premium quality, extraordinary added value, as well as a different and extra dimension.

We call this process the G-line (description of the G line) − the letter G symbolizes and is recognised as the Gourmet-Gastronomy-G (sensory) point.

We have not yet discovered this point in subjects of the fairer sex, although we are all looking for it. When tasting BioSing creations, this famous G (sensory) point will automatically find through your sensory laboratory-oral cavity, which is the most accurate and sensitive measuring device.

The story of the SERVIR BioSing degustation platter concludes with zaseka, which is supplemented by the chef’s inspiration, because the intensity of the creation would overwhelm previous flavours and aromas.

We wish you an unforgettable experience in becoming acquainted with the essence − quintessence of the flavours and aromas hiding in BioSing creations which are sure to excite all your senses.

More key details of BioSing creations can be found in the tab Story.slika-klobaska_563px